Carpentry: Entertainment Center

So another hobby of mine is carpentry. I picked it up from my dad when I would help him do repairs and customizations to various pieces of furniture. We never made anything too fancy but we did have fun. Rule #14: Measure twice cut once, was actually grown from this hobby. My project that last few weeks was to use my new table saw to make an entertainment center. We looked as several at Ikea but none of them made both me and my wife happy. So I took the ideas we both liked and designed my own. I even did a 3D mock-up of it in sketch-up. 

After planning my cuts and purchasing the materials I realized some of the cuts were going to be very difficult with my table saw. Specifically and 8' by 4' piece of 3/4" plywood doesn't fit on a 3' x 3' table saw. So I had to start by building a couple of saw horses to receive the cut pieces and help me feed the pieces. I got the plans for the saw horses from Jay [Jay's Custom Creations]. With the saw horses built I was able to do all the cuts. Now I just need to do the staining. Which I will hopefully get to today.

The images include:

  • Plans for the entertainment center in case you're interested: 1 overview, 2 cut's diagrams for 3/4" 4'x8' plywood.
  • Images of finished saw horses.
  • Cutting stations (table saw).
  • Cut's completed so far.