Wow. If finally happened. Nearly 3 weeks of consistent every day blogging and yesterday was the first time I didn't get one up. I knew it would have to happen at some point. Remember on on this journey to build discipline not because I already am disciplines. I'm actually very proud of myself for three reasons.

First, I managed to go 3 weeks uninterrupted. This is a huge success. In the past the furthest I've gotten in a 40 day challenge is about 1 week. Then I would give up or find that my challenge was horribly unrealistic to begin with. I think I finally hit a good healthy challenge and I'm sticking too it. Both great accomplishments.

Second, despite being interrupted I am writ ting this post and continuing my discipline. Failure happens but the real failure is how it's handled. The righteous man will fall seven times but get back up, while the wicked will fall and not get back up [Prov 24:16]. Both the righteous and the wicked fall. The key difference is the righteous get back up. The righteous try again. Remember Rule #5: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. This is what it really means to overcome. Not to never fail, but to get back up and keep going. So that's what I'm doing today. 

Third, I didn't miss the post because of laziness or even fatigue. I missed the post because I was working, working hard, at my job that I get paid to do. The whole purpose of this exercise is to build discipline and help me be more effective at my work and in my spiritual life. Working hard all day and not getting a break to write this blog post is actually kind of a win.

All that said I have failed. I could have found time yesterday to blog but my usual time was clobbered by work and I had forgotten when I finally was free. So I'm going to set up a second alarm for the evening to remind me again in case I missed the first one. That should help prevent future lapses.

One of my struggles in the past was deciding what to do when I get back up. Do I try to go back and make up for the failure (write 2 blog posts today for instance) or do I simply pick up where I left off and keep going. I feel it comes down to the idea of salvation. When we accept Christ we have no obligation to compensate for our sins. Sometimes we need to make amends with other people, in the case of theft or deep insulting injury, but we never need to make anything up to God. As far as he is concerned we are new. I think that will be my new policy. No condemnation for the past, no penance or punishment, just getting back up and continuing on. [Rom 8:1].

Thank you Jesus for Your Grace to take me this far, Your grace to lift me back up, and Your grace to finish strong.