I'm tired.

I really don't want to blog today. Not because of a nihilistic fury like last time. Not because I'm too lazy. Just because I'm tired. I volunteer at my church and it consumes the first half of my Sunday. Starting with waking up an hour earlier than usual then setting the stage up for worship, sitting through 2 services, breaking the stage down, coming home and making dinner with my wife in a 45min or so she has until work, than I finally get to sit down. To top it off I spent the time between services in lively debate over some theological questions I have been pondering. I've resolved that I will not post something here until I an steady and sure in it. So I'll spare the topics. But it's an exhausting conversation when you don't actually know the answer. I have two people I know and trust each giving me a different side of the story. It's tempting just to compromise and say both are right but compromise is not always right. This question has been on my mind for a couple years and only for the last week has it been at the front. Inspiring me to ask those spiritual advisers I hold the most trust in. It's left me mentally exhausted on top of the already present physical fatigue. So I'm keeping it simple today. It's easy to say Rule #7 Never stop learning. But today I felt the real weight of that. I had started to settle on a clear theology when another friend comes around to challenge it with very real wisdom and some excellent points. So I unseated my settlement to continue to wrestle and learn this very complicated system we call Christianity. The best part about these crazy theological conundrums in Christianity is their is a trump card that makes their important minimal. Rule #1: Love God, love people, love yourself.