The inspiration behind the rules.

I've been excited about this next rule since I started blogging. Rule #9: Be prepared. is the first rule I assigned a number too. Seems silly to start at 9 but it's sort of a tribute to the insperation behind creating the rules. I was watching a season on NCIS, and if you have seen any episodes of the show, you know Gibbs has a series of rules that he lives by and uses to teach his team. This was nearly a year ago. I had for several years before been compiling a list of all the great lessons I learned and lived my life by so I could teach them to my hopefully soon coming children. When I started watching the show the rules Gibbs kept teaching caught my attention. The individual rules he follows are mostly geared at criminal investigation so I wasn't as into the individual rules he created. However I was inspired by the way he used the rules to teach his team. The one rule that stood out was his rule 9 "never go anywhere without a knife". I remember an episode dedicated to the rules and how helpful it was to those who followed it. And it reminded me of a close friend who lived by the same rule, starting long before NCIS started.

I was inspired. By taking the life lessons and assigning numbers to them I could make them more accessible as teaching tools in the moment. Instead of quoting random little ditties when they apply I can add some emphasis to them by giving a rule number, It helps me to remember the lessons for applying to myself and for teaching my children, not just in an occasional family talk, but in the moment the rules applies. Rule #9 is a more generic version of Gibbs rule and assigning it the same number was my tribute to his character. Always carrying a knife is smart because it means you're always prepared to use it. And in the end the purpose of the rules is to be prepared to explain my life to myself, my children, my family, and anyone else who want's to know "why do you do that?" Because Rule #9: Be prepared.

The rules have had the side effect of also giving me fodder to pull from in theological, philosophical, and even practical discussions. I can preach a sermon about most of the rules at moments notice. I can bring a practical example to most of the rules because I have them already written. The rules are not laws to restrict but rather principles to teach. They are life to me, and I hope to my children. [2 Tim 4:2]