I enjoy a good video game and most of my relaxation time is spent playing one. With video games I have developed a similar habit to other projects I'm working on. I'll start the game strong and sputter to a finish if I finish at all. So I'm going back to some games I've been working on for a while and trying to finally finish them up. This month I'm focusing on Minecraft. The game does not have a finish per se but it does have a clearly marked end achievement. So I've been playing Minecraft for the last week trying to get every achievement in the game. I'm a little over half way there. That said the first half is the easy part. So while I focus on building discipline and finishing strong I'm working on this blog, my big project at work, and a video game. Probably a bit much to chew but each has a distance and independent purpose.

For the work project of course it just to get it done. That's what you're supposed to do with work. Get it done. For the blog I'm following Rule#11: Write things down. Something special happens when you write something down. It build self accountability, it encourages evaluation, and it helps you to distress. So the blog is a tool to help me essentially journal my journey into self discipline. And that in itself is discipline. The game thing is another idea altogether. I figure if I can't even finish a video game designed for entertainment how am I going to finish the laborious tasks of life. I need to develop discipline in all areas in the little things [Rule #20: Pay attention to the details]. So as it is Saturday morning and my day off I will continue striving for the achievements of Minecraft and call one of my favorite games Finished. Of course once it is officially finished I can still enjoy the free sandbox world that it is.