New Years Resolution

New years resolutions are crap. I've always felt that way. Why should I wait until the new year to change something? Why should I change something at the new year if I'm not mentally prepared for it. Well convenient enough I am ready to change something. Something both simple and complex. I want to be more disciplined. Strange enough the best way to build discipline is to be disciplined. A Catch 22 I suppose. One reason I believe I need more discipline is I have a tendency to start strong and sputter to a finish.

I've heard it said it takes 40 days to build a good habit so I'm going to undertake a simple task for 40 days. I doubt I will make it to be honest but I'm going to do it anyway. For 40 days I will write a blog post to this unknown unread website.

I do better in creative endeavors when I have a starting point so when in doubt I will write about my life code. It's a series of "rules", principles really, that I live my life by. Each day I will cover a different rule. This has the added benefit of helping me to remember the rules and building a habit of introspection. Additionally I'll try to post an image relevant to the post. And in the post I'll identify how the rule ultimately comes back to discipline. As I write each rule I'll evaluate how I've done in following it. Not necessarily setting up a new behavior though.  Remember my current goal is to keep my new task simple and that is this blog. Good luck self and may the grace of the Most High God be upon you. You're going to need it.