So one of my goals last year was to catch 'em all. It's the moto of the game and the TV show. And no surprise it's terribly difficult to do. It would probably be easier if I had some gaming friends to help me out but this project was solo. Of the 720 Pokemon currently available (without cheating) I have 713 of them. I am in the process of gaining the 5 of those in the next month. The remaining 2 are going to be a serious problem. Of the 720, 14 are obtainable only through special events. They can not be obtained in game. I was able to hunt down all but 2 of those 14 and now I must wait. Simply wait for another event to release the two. I suppose catching 713 Pokemon is a bit of an accomplishment in discipline. It required me to play 8 different games for 40+ hours each. Looking at it that way it's hard to see if it's an accomplishment or a horrible failure. But I will continue.