Rule #2: God is Good.

I originally started this set of rules 10 years ago. I wrote a simple set of rules I wanted to model my life around. There were 13 of them. I don't really remember them now to be honest. They were important to me at the time but I think I lost track of their purpose. While watching NCIS I watched Gibbs as he mentored his subordinates using Gibbs rules. I realized these rules were much less for me than they were for my future generations. At the same time my best friend wrote a Facebook post of 3 things he wanted his child to know. 1st on his list was I Love you and God Love's you. That is the crux of rule #2.

Of course I broadened the idea a little bit because while my friend is highly practical I love the philosophical and just couldn't write a rule that only means it's face value. The first an most important facet of Rule #2 is God loves you. He really does. For years God was seen as the big Judge in the sky with the beard and powdered wig. Holding lighting bolts and hurling them and young children who lied and disobeyed their parents. That's not the Christian God. God does not need to punish sin. Sin is self punishing. Most of God's interaction with humanity is him staving off sin, or warning of its repercussions. God doesn't need to strike a liar with a lightning bolt because the liar is going to lose all his friends when the truth comes out. God doesn't need to punish a thief because all he has will one day be stolen from him.

The law of sowing and reaping built and laid with the foundation of the world is all God ever needs to do on this earth to punish sin. No some have the connotation of money on this idea and that is very wrong. God cares very little about money. He doesn't need it. Some are reminded of a quote by Gandhi, "And in the end the love you make is equal to the love you take." Also very wrong. The problem with both perspectives is they doesn't' understand the center of the real law of sowing and reaping. I'm talking about the law of Sin and Death. When you sow sin you die. And death comes in many forms. Death is what happens every time you cry. Death is what happens when something you hoped for doesn't come to pass. Death is what causes nice things to eventually break and become unusable. The fact is we are all born sinners into an earth saturated and demolished by sin. We all deserve death and hell. Instead recognize not that bad things come from God but that every good thing comes from God. All of it. If it wasn't for the law of the Old Testament revealing the need for a savior and the law of the New Testament, Jesus sacrifice for us, bringing us mercy we would all be living under the law of sin and death and nothing good will ever happen. 

So many people ask the question "Why do bad things happen to good people." The question itself reveals the real problem. Bad things happen because the world is consumed in sin. It's shouldn't be surprising or confusing when bad things happen. The question that should confuse people more is "Why do good things happen to anyone." Why would a world consumed and corrupted by unending sin every receive something good. And the answer to that question is much more simple: because God is Good [John 3:16].