Rule #3: Life's not fair.

This really should be called rule #2 continues. I explained in my last post why life isn't fair. But it's important to recognize the fact all on it's own. In the past I've heard this principle explained as "bad things happen to everyone." While that is true it's actually not at all why life isn't fair. Life isn't fair because good things happen to anyone. Life is not fair because God is good and he has given undeserving sinful humanity good gifts anyway. The greatest gift being the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ [Rom 5:8]. I like to sometimes say this rule as "Life's not fair, and that is a good thing." If life was fair we would all be dead and suffering eternally in Hell.

I've considered heavily of renaming this rule to "Be thankful." It then sounds like this: "You deserve nothing, so be thankful for everything." A thankful heart is one that doesn't complain, that doesn't cry out in tears "That's not fair!". When you feel life isn't fair it's time to be thankful for the things you have instead of remembering the things that were stolen.

Right vs Obligation. It's so easy in a American privileged society to complain about what isn't fair. I heard a lecture on this phenomenon from a philosophy instructor who pointed out that Americans are so caught up in rights they forget that every right has a corresponding obligation. They can't do whatever they want and they call it unfair in the name of "freedom". Freedom only works if everyone has others best interest in mind [Rule #1: Love God, love people, love yourself.]. It only works when everyone follows the obligations first. I love the quote by John Nash in A beautiful Mind "Everyone does better when they do what's best for everyone else."

I have a lot of thought on the Life's not fair principle. But it's generally summarized as "Be thankful life is not fair. If it was Jesus would not have died for you, and you would spend an eternity without him."


Your explanation of Rule 2 fits so well with this one.
"People should be more confused by the question, 'Why do good things happen to anyone.'" - I love the reversal. Then, the practical side that you present is - "When you feel life isn't fair it's time to be thankful for the things you have." Very good. It takes discipline to catch yourself in those moments, to see yourself in the bigger picture and choose a different attitude. But, it's a discipline worth working towards. Thanks Daniel. Gonna remember this one.