One of the games I played a lot of but never finished was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I'm very close to finishing the final achievement in Minecraft and I think Skyrim will be my next finishing line. I do need to decide if, like Minecraft, I will start over with a new character or user the character I spent many hours on. The real irony is that Skyrim's main story line was beat in 2 hours 16 minutes []. I have over 100 hours logged in the game and I am only half way through the main story line and I've completed about half of the side story arcs. I am not planning on 100% the game. That would take over 300 hours. But I wouldn't mind finishing a few story arcs with my original character or maybe hitting a couple that I missed with a new one. Here is to a fun game started one more time. Hazaa!