This is it!

The last two days were spent in Romantic Pursuit of my wife. So I make no appologies for missing those. Stricktly speaking it counts as a failure but as the point of Rule #1: Love God, Love People, Love yourself is keeping your priorities strait, I call it a win. 

That aside This is it. If you count all the post so far this is number 39. As I missed 1 day and I am calling valintines day a "vacation" from the blogging This is number 40.

So where do I go from here? I'm not sure yet. I want to continue blogging and I want to finish my Life Code blog posts. But I'm not ready to commit to anything futher yet. I have finished my goal, built dicipline throughout the process and flushed out many of my rules further than I could have through introspection alone. Perhaps after a week or so of rest I'll make a new resolution but for now I celebrate success. Thank you Jesus for victory, streangth, and hope!