Rule #10: Solomons Corollary

"Their is ... a time for every purpose under heaven." [Ecc 3:1]. I keep debating if I should continue to pile this idea under Rule #10 or if I should make a new rules "Everything has a time." But it really does fit nicely here. Organization being a rather weak topic on it's own this really brings how the importance of things being where they belong. The spatula belongs in the kitchen, the tools belong in the shop, and sex belongs in marriage. I remember my first lesson on sex from my mother being a simple statement. "You're going to be a virgin when you get married." I had no idea what that meant and didn't for several more years. But when I found out I had already agreed. Since that first lesson I heard dozens of sermon geared towards young adults saying simply "sex is wrong." The lesson was bogus of course. Sex is awesome. But their is a time and place for it. It's in the marriage bed between two married people in the privacy of each other. It's a strange concept in our society. Free samples at Costco have made us used to sampling a little bit of everything before we commit. But some things just were not designed for that. Marriage and sex were meant to be monogamous. Marry once, have sex with only that person (after marring them), and teach your children the same. That second lesson was very wrong. It didn't teach the biblical truth. The truth about sex is there is a time for it and that is marriage.

I'm not a passive person. I even have a bit of a violent streak now and then. And I've genuinely heard people tell me that was evil. But it's not. Not necessarily. Jesus himself had a bit of a violent streak. He whipped probably dozens of people for defiling the temple [Matt 21:12]. He insulted thousands of people in nearly every sermon he preached [Matt 16:1-4]. And the people he insulted were always the people who should have known better. Their is a time to fight. When an innocent is in danger it's not good enough to watch. Their is a time to kill. When you family is being threatened you're a fool to hold back. Their is a time to quite, when your work ethic is tarring your family and friends and self apart. Their is a time to lie, when an evil man is seeking the life of the innocent. Their is a time to rest, when you're tired. I remember some very important words from a leader "Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is sleep." The saying really taught me about timing. God doesn't want us spending 24/7 in prayer he wants us to live and that means spending time eating and sleeping. Their is a time to fast but their is also a time to eat. Their is a time to pray but their is also a time to sleep.

Moderation is the bane of contemporary scholars. They say quoting Aristotle "everything in moderation" and Christians repeat this as if it's from the Bible. But that's not Jesus and it's not even really Aristotle, It's a post-modern corruption of post-modernism. Jesus was not a moderate person. He ate and drank with sinners, he whipped people in the temple, he said "I am God". Jesus didn't practice moderation, he practiced good timing. Moderation in the end teaches do everything half-assed. Jesus teaches do everything in good timing. 


The last paragraph was a home run for me. The word that gets tossed around my circles is "balance." And, it's used in the same vein as "moderation." I don't see anyone in the bible that lived with balance. How about Steven? or David? or Paul? or Elijah? How about Ruth? or Jesus?

I learned this from a friend who was a rather extreme person. She got tierd of people saying, take it easy, don't be so extreme in your actions or attitude. Much of here childhood was spent being shut down or held back in the name of moderations. That's why I've learned not to tell a child "don't yell" or a youth "don't have sex". Instead the lesson is "use your inside voice in the house" and "save sex for marriage".