Rule #11: Write Things Down

First it's worth noting that I should be posting earlier in the day. The longer i put off the post the less quality and less motivated I am. Ill need to fund a way to make my post a regular morning activity. That aside Rule #11.

Surprisingly Rule #11 had little to do with my inspiration to making this list. When i think of rule number 11 it first speakers to me about remembering dates, addresses, phone numbers, chores. I am a somewhat forgetful person. I lose track of time and forget even important facts. So the first idea is simply write things down so you don't forget them. Use a planner, a chore list, iPhone reminders, pen on your hand, set alarms or proximity alerts, notes on the mirror. Whatever it takes to remember your commitments. Rule #11 in its most basic form is simply a tool to enable Rule #13: Speak the truth. A tool to enable you to Rule #9: Be prepared. It's a tool. The most important tool you will carry in your arsenal. 

Not only foes writing things down allow you to reference the information later it helps to actively move information from you short term to long term memory. The brain is a network of super highways  the more connections you make to a given destination the easier it is to recall the information  by not just hearing but hearing, writing, and reading the info you've made 3 paths to the information instead of one.

Think of the quotes associated with written words: "the weakest ink is stronger than the strongest memory" -unknown origin, "I wrote it down so I wouldn't have to remember" - Henry Jones (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), "the pen is mightier than the sword" -Edward Bulwer-Laytton. And finally "Write the vision, make it plain on tablets..." - Hab 2:4.

Their was a study done in university students that showed that student who wrote down their goals accomplished significantly more than those who did not. Puting something in writing is like saying it out loud for the world to hear  it provides not just memory it provides legacy and accountability  

Altogether the reasons to write things down are:

  1. To remember short term tasks and commitments.
  2. To help remember information.
  3. To remember long term accomplishments and historical moments (the original purpose of holidays).
  4. To influence others.
  5. to influence yourself.
  6. to make your intentions and understandings clear. 
  7. To hold yourself and allow others to hold you accountable. 

Write things down. Its easy to do and has so many benefits. 


Jotting down prayer requests AND praise reports help to keep in front of us the fact that God answers prayer. Half the time we miss them because we forgot to follow up or just forgot that we prayed.

I've never really kept any sort of prayer journal. I may have to try this sometime. Follow my own advice, that kind of thing.