Rule #14: Measure twice cut once.

This rule hasn't been as developed as the others. While most rules in my life code have dozens of different meanings this item only has two. The first is the obvious reference to carpentry. My Dad is a bit of an amatour carpenter and I am as well. And this is the first lesson to learn. It is very easy to make mistakes when you move to fast. You must continously check and recheck every measurment. It is not unusual to check your measurments and find that you were an inch short becasue your eyes were playing tricks on you with the numbers and ticks. This is highly practical but it also is very specific to the carpentry trade so I don't know that on it's own it would have much use in a life code.

The bigger idea, however, is highly applicable to every walk of life. Check your work. A good writter never releases something without checking their own work (for silly mistakes), a proof reader (to find spelling and grammer mistakes), and editor (to find unclear thoughts, and poorly developed concepts). Clearly I'm not a good writer as I do none of these. I runs spell check and move on. But checking your work is all about reducing waste and doing something right the first time. This item is probably on the most likely to changes list but I believe checking your work is important enough to mention for now.