Rule #15: Five minutes early is right on time.

First I must say I did do my 30 min walk yesterday. It was fun. Not really. It was painful. I didn't realize how out of shape I really was. Walking for 30 minutes made my legs so sore I didn't want to walk the rest of the night. I once walked 10 miles 2 1/2 hours just because and only then had I felt this sore from walking. Annoying. I clearly need this. I added a little graph to the right sidebar to track my steps. I'm using a Wii U fit pedometer. It is an accurate pedometer but it doesn't show your history on it. I have to track it with the Wii U game. So I may switch to my very similar poke-walker at some point to make it a little easier.

Punctuality is probably the least recognized, most undervalues, and still most appreciated character quality. My father always taught me to be early because it was respectful, also you get better parking. I have a bit of a reputation for being on time. I can only remember 1 or 2 locations that It was recognized but they were very flattering compliments. I don't think it is ever voiced but a punctual person is almost inherently considered dependable.

As the rule itself implies being on time is actually equivalent to being late. If your class starts at 2:00 PM and you arrive at 2:00 PM you will likely be interrupting the introduction. You will be unprepared to take notes, you will be distracting those around you as you try to get prepared, you are disrespecting your teacher, your fellow classmates, and yourself (you will miss the introduction that you likely paid good money to hear). To be prepared for a class, seminar, or meeting it is vital to be 5 minutes early. It give you time to find a seat, take stalk of what you have, and set up to take notes. If you are missing something it is likely in 5 min you can fix the situation by borrowing from a neighbor or running back to your desk. It is also important to note that you should not arrive more than 10 min early. To arrive more than 10 min early is just as rude as arriving late. A class may be in session still. The host/hostess must find a way to entertain you. And the house may not be in proper order. The real reason for being on time is to be respectful and not rude. After all " is not rude..." [1 Cor 13:5]

I was once told that in some cultures it is actually bad form to arrive on time. Arriving on time when only the servants are present and the hired help implicates yourself as a servant. A VIP after all always arrives "fashionably late" as they are too important to have to wait for something. But this is not what the kingdom of God teaches. Instead of lording over each other we should be servants of all. Instead of arriving "fashionably late" the most important people should be arriving early, and serving to set an example to those who look up to them. [Phil 2:3, Mark 9:35]