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I enjoyed blogging for the 40 day period as a sort of experiment in discipline. It helped me see some pitfalls and helped me apply some of my learned information to a practical exercise. The real purpose was of course to build discipline so I could make healthy changes in my life. Dave Ramsey mentions in the end of his Financial Peace University that their are 3 things you must pay attention to in this brief stay on earth and the Oral Roberts University, where I got my degree in Engineering, has a similar Moto. Those three are:

  1. Your Spirit
  2. Your Mind
  3. Your Body

I like to add an additional item:

  1. Emotional Maturity - easily classified under mind but often neglected so worth mentioning.

My 40 day Blogging journey was about my spirit and my emotional maturity. I want to build character which required me strengthen my spirit, tapping into God's supernatural grace and strength, and my emotional maturity, discipline to stick to something and attitude to remain positive and productive through the commitment. Every challenge I do will fall into one of these categories. and I will try to hit only 1 at a time. 

Now that I have a brief but effectual foundation I want to begin my next project. I don't know that it will start today honestly. Mostly because I don't want to. I am about 20 lb overweight. It's not that bad but it's a hindrance to my health and well being. The way to fix that is the classics. Eat better and exercise. I have started the journey several times in the past with extreme changes to both casing nearly instant burn-out. I am looking for something different this time. A simple, sustainable single change. I think the most important of the two for now is exercise. I sit for 8-12 hrs a day, every day. My job mostly requires me to. So it's important to find some form of activity to get the blood flowing, strengthen my heart and lungs, keep the immune system functional, and lower my borderline cholesterol. I think the most effective and sustainable single change to make today would be a simple low-pressure 30 min walk.

I love the idea of the 10k step programs. It doesn't require me to kill myself on a treadmill or run a marathon. I just have to hit a goal through any of several means. I tried the 10K thing previously and was making good progress towards it. Until work stressed me out and got to much to handle. But It was the most successful of all my attempts to exercise. For nearly 2 months I was getting within 80% of the goal. I want to hit that goal. So that's my next 40 day challenge. I'm going to start with a 30 min walk every day. The pace I am most comfortable with for a brisk walk is 15 min/mile (4 mph). That will get me about 4000 steps. I may spend the entire 40 days doing nothing more than that. But that would be a success as currently I'm doing nothing. But my stretch goal is to hit 8k steps a day. That's about 4 miles for my rather long strides. Also as I feel rest is important I will only be enforcing this challenge 6 days a week and taking a Sabbath for the seventh. Probably on a Friday or Saturday I will not do the 30 min treadmill workout. Of course I may still get the steps but that's ok as long as it's a day of rest with no pressure to perform.

At the same time as this (a bad thing to say based on what I have mentioned so far about going overboard) is to wean myself off of a medication I have been using for 3 years. Prilosec has been an absolute necessity due several bouts to horrible stomach pain. and frequent bouts of minor stomach pain. After several test the doctor has no idea what is causing them. But the GI Doc said simply to improve my diet. And of course he is right. I'm not completely transforming my diet right now. I want to focus on the exercise first. Diet will come some other time. But I do want to take steps to remove the Prilosec from my diet. this means less fatty foods and more vegetables. I am experimenting with several items that have helped in the past. I am reducing my medicine by half (not completely) and seeing if the additional supplements with the lesser dose of Prilosec will keep my stomach issues stabilized.

So the blog in this challenge becomes a journaling mechanism. As stated in Rule #11: Write things down. People who record goals tend to be more successful. However as the challenge is not the blog itself is only a tool, not part of the challenge. With that I am going to try to post 3 times per week. I will tentatively aim at Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts. But I'll a day late or skipped post is not a major concern. I do feel I need to make Blogging a part of this process as it will become a sort of self accountability mechanism. Every time I blog I will remember the 40 days and that I have a commitment, a challenge to complete. And I will complete it. And the joy is it's already working. I did not want to start this challenge but now I'm pumped for it.

So in summary I am focusing this 40 day challenge on my body. The challange ends officially on April 2nd. But as this is less a one time challange and more a life time goal I'll probably extend it after that point and run this challange much longer than the simple blog challange. On April 2nd I'll be succesful at building a habbit. After that point I'll see how I'm feeling and either keep going or adjust the goal. 

  1. 30 min walk every day to get between 5-8k steps per day.
  2. Successfully reduce my Prilosec dosage with minimal diet changes. (Reduced fats, and nutritional supplements).
  3. Blog 3 times per week about my progress on the steps and continue my life code discussion.


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