So one of my favorite past times was playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on SNES. It was an amazing game. The first Video game I fell in love with. Just shortly before I discovered Pokemon Red and Blue. Zelda has come a long way since then and I skipped an entire Generation or two of gaming. As such I've missed every release since Ocarina of Time. I am slowly gathering all the Zelda games and preparing to embark on a sort of challenge. To beat all the mainstream Zelda games in one year. Originally I heard my brother challenge himself to this. He was unable to finish because he has four kids and of course family is far more important than gaming. I have about 1 more year before I start having children of my own so now is the time for me to perform the challenge. As soon as Minecraft, Skyrim, and Fallout are finished I think the Zelda challenge is next.