Rule #16: Frequency is more important than magnitude. Time and attention.

A simple note about the 10K. First the log will always be a day or so behind for obvious reasons. I cant say the number of steps until I have done them.  Also the last entry will often be adjusted as I take the readings at 7:00pm and may get additional steps after that point.  Also I'm nearly 4 days late on this post. While I've not been able to blog I have been sticking to my workouts. So win!
The best definition I have heard of love is time and attention. It's simple, practical, and true. While it may not be a literal definition it is the perceived definition. I know that someone loves me when they spend time with me and pay attention to me during that time. 
In contrast I have had friend spend an afternoon with me then simply not have time for me for months, then spend another afternoon. This is not love. It's clear to me that this friend simply tolerates me. I'm not talking about the long distance friends I have infrequent contact with. That is a mutual infrequency. I'm talking about those friends that never seem to have time to return a phone call or simply pencil me in for a meeting then reschedule a couple times. They do not love me, even if they think so themselves. That ok honestly. But it's important to recognize to prevent confusion and disappointment.
Love is true deliverance. I've heard stories of people being miraculously freed from demons. The Bible has Jesus doing several instant deliverances. I've met people who have been instantly freed from addiction. But instant deliverance is kind of like winning the lottery. It's all for nothing if you don't have the discipline to stay free. Some people already have that discipline and all they need is that breakthrough. Awesome. I pray for that person to be delivered at the touch of a hand. But for many of us the issues that caused the demonic influence must be dealt with before deliverance provides any help. The Bible tells a story of a man who is delivered but doesn't fix his lifestyle. And end up worse off than if he hadn't been delivered at all [Matt 12:43-45]. Deliverance comes from time and attention. Time spent renewing the mind to the Gospel truth of who we are in Christ. And attention to our own action and bringing them into line with that Gospel truth. I've seen deliverance before. In myself, in people I have mentored, in friends and in family. None of them had a sudden freedom (save a few minor exceptions) but all of them ended up free. The freedom came not through a flash-bang prayer. But through time and attention.
I remember a story, not sure of its origin, of a young rebellious boy. The mother was prepared to give up on the child. But here pastor (or rabbi or something like that) asked for a short time once every week to spend with the young boy. During these 1 hour sessions the pastor said nothing. He simply placed the young boy in his lap and held him for the whole hour. After several weeks the boy's attitude had completely changed. Not because of a speech, not because of a beating, because of time and attention.
Strongholds such as fear are overcome with time an attention. My friend preached a sermon on overcoming fear and the practical steps were simply acknowledge the fear and recognize it's rationality. If a fear is irrational it will probably be dealt with by this step alone. Then learn about what you fear. If you fear spiders, learn about spiders. Learn to identify them. Learn which spiders are in your region. Learn what the biggest, smallest, weirdest spiders out there are. Removing the unknown will often remove the fear. I was concerned when I found a brown recluse in my home. So I studied up a bit. Turns out that less than 50% of the population is affected by a brown recluse bite. And only 14 a percent have a reaction greater than a bed sore. To top that off the brown recluse true to it's name doesn't go near people if it can help it. Houses with massive infestation can go years with no contact, or if limited contact no bites. To get a brown recluse to bite you, you must pick it up and press it against your skin [Wikipedia]. By simply taking some time to pay attention to my concerns and learning about them I elevated all irrational fear. I no longer worry about a spider sneaking up on me when I sleep. I'm just going to avoid stuff thing the thing into shirt drawer. To win a city in pre-medieval times a siege was usually set. This could reduce a city to ashes without a shot fired or a life lost. It also takes 6 months of continuous surrounding of the city. Defeat your own bad habits, fears, strongholds the same way. Lay siege, give time and attention, give love and win.


I'm seeing a theme of "intentional consistency and repition (sp?)"  in your blogs. I know that I so often default to my fictional hero Rocky, but he's a good example in so many ways. He had very little talent in boxing. He wasn't even fast or agile. His "technique" was to out last his opponent, to go the distance. Bell after bell, he'd keep moving and keep taking the beating as the bad guy of the movie would slowly wear down (usually from beating the crap out of our hero). But Rocky kept consistent and determined and would, after X number of rounds, wear out his opponent and win by KO.
Rocky = hard endurance training, consistency, determination, always got back up
Opponenet = far more skilled, well trained . . . didn't always get back up
Kindof like making the path in your high growing field, except the grass is punching you. You may not be able to stay in there for 3.5 hours in a day, but 30 minutes 7 days a week, and that punching grass is going to have to acquiesce. OK, now I'm just having fun with your metaphore.

Punching grass? Really?

You smiled. Don't lie.