Rule #17 Guard your peace.

The 10K challenge has taken a turn these last few days. After forcing myself past my initial failure I hit a new type of wall not previously mentioned in my marathon list. It's the same thing as the initial failure but this failure wears a mask called life. On Sunday and Monday I was kept busy from wakening to sleeping. And did not do my workout. It's hard to feel bad about it since I was not wasting time but spending it accomplishing needed chores and spending time with my wife. Never the less it needs to be treated the same. Time to get back up and keep going. That is what will ultimately spell success.
As another note I have been very sporadic on my blog posts. Not nearly the 3 times a week I had planned. But the blog is a secondary challenge to the much more important 10K challenge. The blog is a tool to keep me focused on the primary goal. If the tool is getting in the way instead of helping it's ok to set it aside until it is needed again. That said, I missed it. I'm carving hard earned time out just to write this post. I enjoy blogging and hope to continue aiming for 3 times a week.
Peace is a funny word. It means may things from absence of war, to being calm, to a standard greeting in the 70s. The biblical definition adds even more complication to it. Peace in the biblical sense is absolute and total victory over all opposition or the attitude of absolute victory despite opposition [Psalm 23]. Peace is so often seen as week, passive, even negligent and foolish. But true peace is faith in Jesus, faith in God's grace, and faith in our own ability to overcome with that grace. True peace goes beyond relaxing with a lemonade on a beach somewhere. True peace is a weapon. In Eph 6:15 the shoes of the Roman soldiers armor are equated with peace [Armor of God]. This particular piece of armor, called a caligae [Wikipedia], was a thick leather sandal with nails attached to the bottom. The nails served two purposes. They helped maintain traction in soil and gravel, and they gave the soldiers an effective weapon to use on fallen enemies. Peace is metaphored with this piece of armor. Peace stands steady in the most perilous of times, and when weaponized defeats the already defeated devil.
With peace properly defined it's time to talk about why it's important. Anything that makes you lose your balance, stumble, or fall is a violation of your peace. As already discussed nothing in this world should be capable of that. Jesus gave us victory over this world. As long as we are at peace we are untouchable by the devil or by the secular world [James 1:14]. Which means the only thing that can upset your peace is you. I once had peace described as the perimeter of the white house. If the perimeter is breached by an unknown entity dozens of people are immediately focused on that point until it is resolved. Our peace is the perimeter defense of our heart. If your peace is disrupted it's vital to immediately find out why. Because when your peace is upset the enemy has won. Any form of combat will tell you the most important factor is your base. Your stance. Your ability to stay steady when attacks are thrown at you. If you lose your balance you have already lost the battle. Peace is that base for your heart.
There are five enemies to your peace. Each of these originates from within. When your peace is violated the first step is to look at these 5 things and discover which one has created the breach. They follow the acronym HHALT (that's right, two H's).
H - Hungry - For physical food. For God's word.
H - Hurting - From physical or emotional pain.
A - Angry - From injustice, frustration, or offence.
L - Lonely - From hope deferred, from need of friends, or need of companionship.
T - Tired - From lack of sleep, from being unproductive, from not resting.
Simply acknowledging the issue is often enough. Solving the issue is better. If you're hungry, eat. If you are hurting, bandage up, if you're tired sleep. If you can't do these things acknowledge the feeling and overcome it. This is also a shout out to Rule 24: Have Fun. If you don't rest, and eat you will compromise your peace, which will compromise your victory over sin.