10K Challange Progress Update.

My 10K challenge has reached it's designated end point (yesterday actually). As stated already that does not mean it's going to end this time. Instead it's just a good time for an evaluation. How did I do. If this was a class in collage I would give myself a C+ maybe a B- for good effort. I really sputtered out the last couple of weeks. Only getting my workout in 2-3 times the last 2 weeks. Part of that was I was a bit burned out from overworking. Part of it was this is a hard habit to build. Let's look at the breakdown.

Frequency - D. This was the real point of the exercise and I did not get even close to 6 days a week. I think I averaged in the end about 4 1/2 days a week. It not awful but was certainly not my goal. I barely passed on this one.

Magnitude (effort) - A. While I did not keep the frequency I feel I hit the perfect balance in magnitude and effort. I set a pace that was growing but not stressful and even worked from just walking to 2 min of run time then 4 min of run time. The adds were at appropriate stages and did not overwhelm. A good, solid, sustainable magnitude was accomplished.

Habit building - C. I enjoy my workout. After missing like 4 days in a row (2 due to being sick) I truly desired to get back on. So clear progress has been made towards this being a habit. But its not their yet.

Managing stomach issues - B. As an extended part of this challenge I was supposed to be making minor diet adjustments and nutritional experiments to reduce my Prilosec intake while keeping my stomach in good health. I have successfully reduced my Prilosec by half. But I do have to admit that while the juice plus capsules I've been taking are clearly helping they are not a wonder drug. I have avoided foods that tend to cause flare-ups from flavor enhancers or unknown "natural flavors". But I have had several more flare-ups due to eating fatty foods. So I will adjust my diet slightly to decrease fatty foods. When I have no flare-ups for a 40 day period I will half my Prilosec again.

Blogging - F. I failed this one I think I have 10 blogs across the 40 day period and I should have nearly 18. That below quota by half. I need to make blogging a higher priority. I don't mind missing a post but I have 2 or more days to write each I can do better.

Perception - B. I feel pretty good about what I have accomplished so far. I'm bummed that I missed so many days these last two weeks. It follows my poor behavior pattern of starting strong and sputtering to a finish. However I am right now getting back up to go again. I don't feel much different physically. I don't have more energy. I haven't lost weight. I am frequency sore due to my workouts, usually my feet, knees and more recently my hip. Though I don't have as much other random pains like knots in my back and shoulders. So It kind of breaks even there. The only empirical measure I'm using (weight) is unchanged. My pants don't seem to fit any better but I haven't really tracked my waist size. It is possible I have lost a small amount of fat and replaced it with a small amount of muscle. I was once able to run a 5K (3 miles) in 23min (7.5min miles) so it is very possible muscle memory is kicking in and my lower body is doing a quick rebuild of it's former strength. If that is true the process should be done by now and I should start to see a weight decrease. With no change in food and my increase burn of about 500 calories per day I should be losing about 0.8-1lb/week. So I should be 5lb lighter right now. Alternative is I may have been gaining 1lb per week and simply staved that. Time will tell. My wife and a good friend of mine both say I look better around the waist. I don't see or feel it and I don't have evidence to support it. But the compliment made me feel good. So I'll accept it.

Now What. Clearly I have not arrived at my goal. It would be very poor judgment to discontinue the challenge or add something new to the list. So I'm going to extend the challenge another 40 days with a few minor adjustments to the diet. I'm very tempted to change the parameters to 5 days a week as 6 days seems to be almost overbearing. But I am going to refrain from that adjustment. I will continue the challenge with the original parameters.


  1. Do a 30min workout 6 days a week with Friday as my Sabbath (off) day.
  2. Aim for a daily step count of 5k-8k each day.
  3. Continue very minor diet changes. Specifically decrease fatty foods and increase healthy foods. The goal being to manage my stomach issues.
  4. Continue to blog 3 times per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

Next eval date will be May 13.